Mind Mechanics™

A sustainable, evidence based mental health education programme, developed through collaboration between specialist teachers, psychologists and counsellors can be delivered at home or in school.

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What parents say

“We were so worried about Jay, he didn’t want to go to school and his friends had broken down, after 6 sessions of Mind Mechanics he is back in school and flourishing.”

Mrs D. M

“E. self-scored 0 for self esteem before beginning the programme, after 6 sessions, she scored 10.”

Mr R

What pupils and staff say

The pupils and teachers from Fallibroome Academy discuss what impact Mind Mechanics has had for the children’s wellbeing and how participation has improved engagement and attainment.

What is Mind Mechanics?

  • A Mental Health Teaching Framework
  • Assessment Tools and Lesson Plans
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops for Pupils
  • For Schools – Training for Staff

One to one support

Mind Mechanics is an evidence-based, wellbeing intervention, proven to help children manage big emotions and improve their mental health. The programme was designed by specialist teachers, psychologists and counsellors and teaches a set of sustainable skills and strategies to help children understand what is going on in their bodies and heads and self manage overwhelming emotions.

Not only is Mind Mechanics proven to have a positive impact on children’s mental health, but it also improves engagement in learning and helps with social skills and maintaining friendships.

One to one Mind Mechanics can be delivered at home or in school.

The workshops

The workshops are designed to facilitate better understanding and self-regulation of emotions to reduce mental health problems and teach strategies to better manage or protect against existing poor mental health.

Consisting of six high impact, one to two hour workshops, the programme is designed to be delivered to a group of children aged 7-18.

The first set of workshops is delivered to a group of pupils by an expert mental health practitioner.

Staff training

Up to two members of the school’s staff, teachers or teaching assistants are invited to train to deliver the workshops by shadowing the practitioner using the provided assessment tools and lesson plans. Mind Mechanics training equates to 12 CPD points.

At the end of the series of workshops, once the post intervention assessments have been scored, the trained members of staff are ready to deliver to new cohorts of pupils.

Thus leading to a very sustainable intervention which offers excellent value for money.

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The Mind Mechanics Books

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> Mind Mechanics for Children
A Mental Health Toolbox with Activities and Lesson Plans for Ages 7-11

> Mind Mechanics for Teens and Young Adults
A Mental Health Toolbox with Activities and Lesson Plans for Ages 11+

Is Mind Mechanics for your school?

The programme can be adapted as a universal teaching resource for all pupils or as a targeted resource for those children identified as being vulnerable or with a diagnosed mental health condition.

We know that schools want to cover these issues and recognise the imperative to do so, but without a framework teachers may find it daunting. Mind Mechanics is the solution.

One to one support cost

£70 per hour

School delivery cost

  • 12 hours workshop delivery from a mental health expert

  • 12 hours training through shadowing for 1-2 members of staff

  • Social emotional and mental health assessment tools

  • 12 hours lesson plans

  • Mind Mechanics Handbook

  • Online support


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